University of Oregon Housing

University Housing is the department responsible for providing safe and adequate housing and residential learning experiences to students living on campus. Academic Residential Communities (ARCs) were established to improve academic performance and graduation rate of first-year students. The videos we produce are designed to be a communication tool used by UO Housing to help admitted first-year students select the ARC that’s best for them

College of Business ARC

We followed first-year students and teachers as they discussed the inner workings of the residential space. This video goes beyond just talking about business-focused environment, but highlights the community aspect and benefits of the College of Business residential living space.

Carnegie Global Scholars ARC

This inside look at Carnegie Global Scholars ARC emphasizes that diversity is the main benefit of this residential space. Students and faculty demonstrated how their residential learning experience is about forming communities based on similar interests in order to enhance a student's college experiences.


Building Business Leaders ARC Account Team

Team left to right: Avery Connell, Audio Technician; Lindsey Reed, Lead Editor; Owen Schatz, Director of Videography; Elliot Hodgin, Videographer; Devon Houston, Producer; Kaley Pomeroy, Production Assistant.


Carnegie Global Oregon ARC Account Team

Team left to right: Emily Scarvie, Audio Technician; Ramsey Sullivan, Producer; Lindsey Reed, Lead Editor; Andie Kotani, Lighting Technician; Paula Mason, Videographer.